Awards, Articles & Reviews

Awards & Recognitions

Silver (USA National Awards), Upala 70%
Bronze (Overall Americas Semi-Finals), Upala 70%

2014 International Chocolate Awards

Finalist, Upala 70% with Salt
2014 Good Food Awards, Chocolate Inclusions Category

Silver, San Martín 70%
2013 Academy of Chocolate, Best Dark Chocolate Bean to Bar Category

Good Food Award, Upala 70% Nib & Salt
2013 Good Food Awards, Chocolate Inclusions Category

Silver, Upala 70%
2011 Academy of Chocolate, Bean to Bar Best Dark Bar Category

Finalist, Upala 70%
2011 Good Food Awards, Dark Chocolate Category

Articles & Reviews

Voice of America One-man Chocolate Factory Flourishes

Northern Virginia Magazine “Taste is Only the Beginning” (p. 148 in print magazine)

Review: Time to Eat Chocolate Potomac Chocolate Holiday Bar and Others

GRUMP! GRUMP Profile – Potomac Chocolate Co.

Northern Virginia Magazine “VA Made: 50+ Locally Made Gifts and the Stories Behind the Artisans Who Make Them” (p. 59 in print magazine)

Review: ChocoFiles Duarte, Dominican Republic 70%
Fascinating! Powerful. A great rendition of great cacao from the DR. I want more! A First Class bar deserving to be hunted for!

Edible Philly Thirty-Seven Chocolates; My foray into the world of American craft chocolate (mention)

Time to Eat Chocolate Staying (Kind of) Local Part 7

Time to Eat Chocolate Potomac Chocolate Tasting

ABC News Garage Geniuses: The Basement Chocolate Factory MacGyver Would Be Proud of

Review: Commodities Connoisseur Potomac Chocolate Cuyagua 70%

Review: empassionado Week 14. Potomac Cuyagua, Venezuela 2013 Harvest


Review: 37 Chocolates Potomac Cuyagua (Venezuela) 70% Dark Chocolate

Paddock Post 15 Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers

Paddock Post Potomac Chocolate

Washington Post Washington’s craft chocolate industry continues to grow

Washington Post How to taste chocolate, starting with locally made bars

Washington Post Chocotenango, Undone Chocolate and Potomac Chocolate get crafty with their methods

Cocoa Pilgrim Craft Chocolate Maker, Ben Rasmussen of Potomac

Review: Purple Chocolate Eaters San Martín 70%

The Chocolate Tourist Potomac Chocolate in Virginia

Cococlectic Ben Rasmussen, Potomac Chocolate – April Chocolate Maker

Washington Post At Potomac Chocolate, local chocolate-maker turns beans into bars

Medium Chocolate Makers that Rock; Our 1:1 with an American Craftsman: Potomac

Lonny Magazine November Issue, ‘Scout’ section (20 products, places, people and trends we’re captivated by this month)

Good Chocolate Magazine “(Really) Hand Crafted Chocolate” (page 21)

MyKugelhopf Chocolate Roundup #12: American Bean-to-Bar

Review: Chocablog Potomac Chocolate Upala Nib & Salt

Virginia Living, Best of Virginia 2013 Special Issue “Pure Chocolate” p.73 (print only)

Review: Little Brown Squares Potomac Chocolate, Woodbridge VA (Source: Various)

Honest Blue It’s All About the Chocolate

Reddit AMA

Prince William Living Magazine, Taking Care of Business Section Ben Rasmussen: Potomac Chocolate — Flavor to Savor & Never Forget

Review: C-Spot San Martín 70%

Table Matters Worth Its Salt

Review: Wayfaring Chocolate Chocolatepalooza: The Washington DC Haiku Edition, starring Fresco, El Ceibo, and Potomac

City Eats (DC) The Ten: Best Chocolatiers

Review: My Chocolate Peaces Pass the Salt Please… Potomac Chocolate Review

NPR’s Food Blog, The Salt Chocolate Maker Brings Joy Out of the Basement (audio interview with photo slideshow)

Review: Chocolate Reviews Potomac Chocolate Upala 70% Dark Bar

NPR’s Food Blog, The Salt DIY Willy Wonka Turns Home Into Chocolate Factory

Southern Living Magazine “Artisanal Chocolate Makers: These cocoa connoisseurs are raising the bar with from-scratch chocolate roasted south of the Mason-Dixon line” (page 12)

Review: Georg Bernardini at Potomac – Upala 70%

Selective Echo Caputo’s chocolate collection celebrates the artisan maker’s capacity for disruptive innovation

Review: The Ultimate Chocolate Blog Po-TO-mac…PO-to-mac…Poto-MAC…Pot-to-mac…Ahhhh…it’s PUH-TOH-MUHK! No matter how you say it, it is good chocolate.

Review: Chocolate Ratings Potomac Chocolate 70% & 82% Single Origin

Review: The Secret Chocolatier Potomac Chocolate Costa Rican Upala 82% Review

Interview: DC Metro Chocolate Tours An Interview with the Owner of Potomac Chocolate

Review: Stuart Robson at Potomac – Upala 70%

Review: Drexelius Chocolates Potomac Chocolate – Review

Interview: My Munchable Musings Chocolate Cross the Potomac

Details Magazine An Insider’s Guide to the American Chocolate Renaissance

Review: The District Chocoholic Potomac Chocolate: Upala 70% Cocoa Nib Bar

Review: The District Chocoholic Potomac Chocolate: Upala 82% Cocoa Bar

Review: Chocolate Reviews Potomac Chocolate Upala 82% Dark Bar

Northern Virginia Magazine Raising the Bar: Choco Kitchen Sprouts in Prince William County (page 24 in print issue)

The Travel Belles: Capitally Good Chocolate

Review: The World of Chocolate Potomac Chocolate – Upala 82%

Review: The World of Chocolate Potomac Chocolate – Upala 70% with Nibs

Review: The World of Chocolate Potomac Chocolate – Upala 70%

Review: The Chocolate Note Potomac Chocolate Upala 70% and Upala 82%

The Washington Examiner Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts? Try chocolate with a conscience

Huntington-Belle Haven, VA Patch Unwined Hosts Valentine’s Day Wine (and chocolate) Tasting


The District Chocoholic Cooking With Locally-Made Chocolate: Occoquan Shortbread

Review: The District Chocoholic Potomac Chocolate: Upala 70% Cocoa Bar

The District Chocoholic Biagio Sample Day: Finding New Chocolates to Enjoy

Review: The C-Spot Upala 70% by Potomac

Review: The C-Spot Upala 82% by Potomac

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