Two New Bars!

Posted January 17th, 2012 by Ben

I’ve been meaning to announce this for a week or so, but just haven’t been able to take the time to write up a full blog post. So, while that full post with pictures and probably more info than you want to know will be forthcoming, I’m excited to announce two new bars!

Bahia 70%
A 70% dark chocolate bar made from cacao grown in Bahia, Brazil. Potomac’s first non-Upala single-origin bar!

Upala 70% Nib and Salt
Upala 70% dark chocolate with crunchy Upala nibs and fleur de sel–a hand-harvested sea salt–sprinkled on the back.

Both are now available for ordering in the shop.


p.s. I’ve also been working with some new cacao from Peru and am hoping to launch a bar using it in the next month or so. -b

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