Interviewed for Selective Echo

Posted December 20th, 2011 by Ben

I was recently interviewed by Les Roka for an article about the chocolate collection at Caputo’s in Salt Lake City. Les was particularly interested in how Caputo’s fine chocolate appreciation classes directly led to Potomac Chocolate coming into existence. He also goes into Potomac’s short history and includes a mini review of my Upala 70% with nibs bar:

The bar explodes with promise and it is hard to believe that someone within such a short timespan has been able to achieve such a remarkable product.

The roast is unquestionably rich and deep but Rasmussen shows a deft hand with bringing out lightened, smoothed tones of molasses, berries, and spice. It is a bold bar not necessarily the most complex or refined but it is a memorably satisfying example of chocolate’s elemental perfection.

The article also discusses a few other makers. Read it here: Caputo’s chocolate collection celebrates the artisan maker’s capacity for disruptive innovation

On an unrelated note, I wanted to mention that my Upala 82% bar was included on Chocolate Reviews’ Best Chocolate of 2011. Read the full review from back in April.


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